Taking a break

Hi all!

TL;DR: I’m extremely competitive and don’t like to do anything unless I can give it my all and I cannot do so at the moment, so I will be taking a break from regular streaming and League for a while.

Life is busy right now with moving (Saturday the 17th), Dani going to the UK, and some personal things, and I haven’t had much time to stream or play League. Since getting back into practice, I’ve hovered around D1-D2 as opposed to being master last season and I am getting worse.

Furthermore, I’ve since become an affiliate and have so many supportive subscribers. I’m incredibly grateful but at the same time, this brings about feelings of guilt when I push the stream aside for things in my personal life. I’ve decided this is a problem.

I’m not permanently quitting League, but I am going to no longer stream regularly and encourage everyone to cancel their subscriptions. I will likely still stream on occasion and I will likely come back to a regular schedule. This may even be soon. However, things are in a place right now where I cannot commit as much as I would like to.

I’m extremely thankful for the camaraderie, support, and joy that I’ve gotten from streaming and I hope that this break will not be long.

-Jason / Melyn


I’m back! Sort of…

Hey everyone! After about 2 months of barely any streaming, I am happy to say I am back! If you’re curious about the details, read on! If not… well, if not, then why are you here, eh?

Grad school (August-December)

In August I failed my qualifying exam. They were very impressed with my research presentation and understanding but decided that my background knowledge of some undergraduate classes was not good enough so I left with my master’s of science in applied mathematics instead of my doctorate. However, as a nice gesture, they let me TA for another quarter while I looked for a job. During this time I streamed for long hours, usually over 40 hours each week.

Job hunt (August-December)

I applied for teaching jobs, as teaching is both something that I love and something that comes naturally to me. While applying for jobs, I stumbled upon a job for doing math for slot games, which sounded fun but I didn’t think I would get it. I received almost no interviews for about ~4 months, but then got about 6 in December. I was offered a few jobs and decided upon being a mathematician for Konami Gaming Inc in Las Vegas. This involves doing slot design and probability (with a little bit of programming) and I start(ed) on January 16. NOTE: Konami Gaming Inc (slots) is connected to Konami (the video game company) but they are also separate so no, I don’t know anything about their video games.

So… Streams?

As you may have noticed, I have almost never streamed in from December to January. During this time, I was completing as many applications as possible, stressing, packing, moving, dealing with internet, stressing, and deciding whether I should even continue streaming at all. This will be my first time trying to stream while also working 40 hours a week, and I’m not sure how I’ll schedule it. I was very close to ending my streaming career due to time constraints and the fact that I believe that anything that’s worth doing is worth doing to the fullest. I don’t like to half-ass things. However, I eventually decided that although I would not miss League, I would really miss all of you. I really mean it when I say I don’t like League that much, but streaming is incredibly fun and it’s great to interact with all of you.

Most likely, I will stream during the weekends (hopefully 5-6 hours) with maybe a 2-3 hour stream on weekdays, but we’ll have to see. Follow me on Twitter and Twitch, but really the best way is to use Discord. That’s where I’m the most approachable. Side note: I have been MIA from Discord the last 2 months too, but I am back.

Second Monitor

Because of a story that I won’t go into, I don’t have my second monitor so it will be difficult for me to read my chat while I’m in game. Please be understand and write “Melyn”, “MelynMeron”, or “Jason” to highlight your message in red so I can see it when I tab.

House tour!

Here it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43BQ2nOmWfE

The internet story

So… I had some exciting times getting internet set up. I’m a very frugal person (to put it in a positive light) and also pretty cool headed (which will turn out to be very nice!) so I researched some options and decided to go with CenturyLink. They had terrible reviews but so does Comcast, and I had a great experience with them for the last four years despite what everyone says. The earliest they could activate my internet would be a week in the future, which I thought was fine. I had stuff to unpack/organize, a new Las Vegas to explore, a new cat to torment (playfully of course!), and extra time to pick up old hobbies like disc golf.

Side note: they forced me to either buy or rent a router/modem even though I have two of each.

Anyway, a week goes by just as quickly as I expected and I had a great time. Still, no internet. I’m not a tech genius, but I know how to follow instructions and plug things in. They say not to call until 8 PM on your activation day (note that their hours that they take calls end at 6 PM). I call the next day, and they apologize saying that something didn’t go through on their server and that it will be fixed by the end of the day (again, 8 PM). Eight rolls around and guess what? No internet, but I can’t call because they’re closed.

So I wait ANOTHER day and call and they say the same thing: something was wrong with their system and that it would NOW be activated. I do all the steps again and it still isn’t working. They offer to transfer me to a repair assistant and I say yes. Before they transfer me though, they try to get me to subscribe to their cable. I can’t even get my internet working after a week, 2 days, and 3 phone calls and they’re trying to sell me more. I politely decline and he keeps on going. I decline again, more forcefully, but to no avail. He asks me a question and I decide to just not say anything for 10 seconds. Finally, I say, I am not going to talk about this. Without a word, I finally get transferred.

The repair technician follows the steps to make sure I’m not technologically illiterate, with nothing I hadn’t tried already (which is what I expected but I figured I may as well try) and they tell me they can send a technician (who may charge me) on Monday or Tuesday (2 or 3 days later) but only while I’m at work and I need to be home. Luckily, Dani will be home.

I’m not willing to wait again for a CHANCE that it will work. I check Cox’s programs, and they are significantly more expensive for almost the same internet. I am frugal, but I also firmly believe you get what you pay for, so I sign up. Within two hours, I have internet.

NOTE: I am not upset with any of the customer service representatives from CenturyLink. They were doing their jobs to the best of their ability and are forced to try to sell cable and whatever else they can. I have even heard of some people getting fired because they were not insistent enough. I bear them no ill will, but I do have a lot of displeasure towards the company that forces them to do so.


All in all, it’s been a wild ride but I’m excited to be back. Thanks for your support and I’ll see you on Twitch!




An Update – Where am I at?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take some time and share some information about some history, where I am right now, and my future plans for the curious.

The year in review

November last year I was averaging about 10 viewers per stream. This was 2 years after I started streaming League. In the last year, I have put a lot of work into improving and growing the stream, by improving at the game (last year I stayed in D2-D1, this year I was consistently master), creating more YouTube content, doing more 24 hour streams, and networking more with other streamers.

It’s also been a bit exciting from a personal standpoint. I started this year as a PhD student and received a “no pass” on my qualifying exams in March. After studying all summer and taking time off from streaming to focus on studying even harder, I again received a “no pass” on them in September. You only have two chances, so I was told I need to leave with my masters degree. Luckily, the math department said I could work one extra quarter while I looked for a job.

Where I am now

Over the last few months, I’ve applied to over 50 university jobs and have been unable to find one. In fact, most of the time HR won’t even pass on my application to the search committee because my masters degree is not shown on my transcript yet (and won’t be until January or February). I plan on continuing applying for Winter/Spring university positions (among other more accessible jobs) but realistically I won’t be a professor again until next August.

What does that mean for you guys? That means that I will likely work part-time and have more time available for streaming. I really want to grow my channel and I believe that if I continue putting in the work, I could eventually make partner.

As always, I’m incredibly grateful for your support. If you want to help me out, there are a lot of ways to do so! You can just to tune into my stream and say hello, since I love talking to all of you, or you can hang out in the Discord and interact with me and other viewers. You can also spread the word and tell people about my channel, if they want to watch some… unconventional supporting. In short, the best way to help me out is just to keep doing what you’re doing!

-Jason / Melyn


Review – 6th 24 hour charity stream (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)

Highlights video: https://youtu.be/QYSVjtzjBew

Together we raised $1076 for St. Jude!

Huge shoutout to everyone involved, whether you donated, shared the word, or supported me at any time throughout the stream! Here’s a post of some highlights and stats from the stream.


  • $1076 raised for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • Went 14 wins, 15 losses. (9-6 on D5 account, 5-8 on masters smurf, 0-1 on main… RIP)
  • Averaged 100-200 viewers for almost the entire duration of the stream.0a315260d6e1afc4376f0d98642f9d29
  • Reached a maximum of 328 viewers at one point. 13da39b4a48d4ea898564d6627cb2742
  • Gained 213 followers.
  • Had 6060 unique viewers throughout the duration of the stream.


Pizza making

Made a homemade pizza with orange crust, brown sauce, and pink cheese. One was with mushrooms for Dani. Click here for my highlights channel watch the pizza making in normal time with audio or read below to find the fast forwarded highlights.

Scone making

THIS was an interesting experience to say the least. Rewatching the video, the dough was fine until I mixed the blueberries too much, upon which it got much too wet and I couldn’t spread/cut it (so they look more like cookies).Still, they tasted amazing, even if they kind of looked like cement. Full video and picture.csq8rabuaaavbso


Had a great time duoing with RedSaturn and Turkish Coffee and RedSaturn, even he did steal my kills… Check out the full VOD on Twitch if you want to see more.


I didn’t have as much time to play my oboe as I wanted, but with my new Fall schedule, expect to see it every week or two on Friday streams!


We brought out the classic cosplay as well as the SKT cosplay that Dani made! Actual photoshoot of SKT to come later.


In-game highlights

There were plenty of huge plays made in game as well! You can check out the original ones on my highlights channel or go to the bottom of this post to see the mega-highlight video below. Thanks for all your support!


Video: https://youtu.be/QYSVjtzjBew

Situational Item Builds

Hello everyone and welcome to my post on situational item builds on Zyra. It is far too tempting to get into the habit of building the same items every game. Doing so limits your effectiveness because Zyra is capable of many different play styles. I will talk a bit about different item builds for Zyra mid, when to use them and some choices you can make, and then proceed to talk about Zyra support, which has fewer options but still some interesting things to talk about.

Zyra mid

Zyra mid has 3 very different and strong play styles: burst, damage over time, and poke. How much you succeed at any one of these depends on your item builds and how you play the game. In short, burst is great against assassins, sustained damage against tanks, and poke against squishy teams.


We’ll start by talking about burst Zyra. This is slightly weaker after the rework but is still incredibly strong. This is great against assassins because the items that give burst also give a good amount of HP so it is easier to kill them quickly and easier to survive as well. Your primary goal with this build is to get health, flat penetration, and a hextech item to maximize your burst and survivability. A typical burst build would be rushing a hextech item (either protobelt or GLP) and an optional defensive item (either zhonya’s or abyssal), and then building into sorc boots, Liandry’s, void staff, and death cap.

The main question then becomes, which hextech item to get? They do very comparable damage, but protobelt gives CDR and a small dash whereas GLP gives mana and a small slow. I’m partial to the protobelt because I usually don’t have mana issues and I don’t like to build much CDR outside of protobelt so it really comes in handy but both options are very good. Choose your heart’s desire.

Sustained damage

The next build for mid Zyra is sustained damage. This is great against tankier teams, where poke will do very little and they can survive your burst. This build focuses on building CDR, percent penetration, percent health, and peel. As you will need CDR, you have an option to build morellonomicon and sorc boots, or CDR boots and free up a slot for a situational item. Either way, I also suggest running 20% scaling CDR in your rune page with glyphs and one quint.

The question of getting morellos or CDR boots is an interesting one. I don’t like CDR boots or morellonomicon, but you need to get CDR from somewhere against a tanky team otherwise your damage will fall out throughout the teamfight. I usually end up building a morellos, but if you want a faster power spike, skip morellos and get CDR boots when you start teamfighting.


The last build for Zyra mid is incredibly fun to play because you become so incredibly obnoxious. It focuses around the holy trinity of Rylai’s, Liandry’s, and Luden’s. These three items together make one plant attack deal a tremendous amount of damage and disruption to the enemy team, as you get an AoE slow and burn, with the burn doubled since they are slowed. This build is not ideal against teams with a lot of tanks, shields, or heals, as the poke will fall off and your burst and sustained DPS is weaker than the other two builds but it excels at objective control. Just make sure that you never waste both your seeds at once in case the enemy engages.

A typical build for poke rushes Luden’s, Rylai’s, and Liandry’s in no particular order, getting sorcs when you want a small power spike, then completing the build with void staff and death cap. Rush Luden’s if you want more poke early, Rylai’s if you want more peel early (not recommended until 2nd or 3rd), or Liandry’s if you want more burst early.

Situational items (comments)

We’ll close this section on Zyra mid by talking a little more about a few situational items. You may see me sometimes build Zz’rot on Zyra mid. This is not a troll item (well not in every circumstance). It excels when you are getting split pushed and cannot deal with the one versus one. It also work extremely well to counter an opposing team’s Zz’rot. It also provides good mixed resistances that synergize very well with health items like Liandry’s and Rylai’s.

Next is luden’s. I say this very often but luden’s is not a burst item. Get a hextech item or a penetration item if you want burst. Luden’s gives great poke and the move speed is very useful as well.

Finally, a few more comments on why I don’t like morellonomicon very often. Morello’s is great for CDR but not much else. Zyra spikes from passive power spikes such as the % health damage from liandry’s, the poke from luden’s, or the slow from Rylai’s. AP helps her quite a bit, but it’s not what defines her strengths. Also, she isn’t extremely mana hungry, so you’re delaying your power spikes for an item where you only really need one out of the three things you’re paying for. It’s not bad, but I’d almost always rather have something else, unless I really need the CDR.

Zyra support

OK so that’s it for Zyra mid. The section on Zyra support will be a bit shorter because I feel there are fewer choices to make, with the basic build being an upgraded gold generation item, sorc shoes, liandry’s/Rylai’s/void, and closing with a situational item if you have an open slot.

The main things to talk about here are the situational item and which gold generation item to get. Let me preface this by saying Frost Queen’s Claim is not an awful item, it just delays your power spike and takes another slot. You can get the same CDR from EotW, and the AP is minimally important especially as a support. The reason you would want FQC is for its active and that alone. If you’re against a team where you are scared to check a brush, FQC is incredibly useful and beneficial. You buy this item for the active. If you need it, get it. If not, don’t.

If you get FQC, that’s your full build. If you don’t, you have a situational item. Common things to fill your final slot are pinks against champions like Evelynn, Wukong, Kha’zix, Vayne, etc…, luden’s echo against squishy teams to poke, morellos against tanky teams to do more damage over time, a defensive item if you can’t stop feeding, or a banner or Zz’rot for wave control. Do NOT build a hextech item as support, as you are underleveled with very little AP and it will not be cost effective. Do not build deathcap as support unless you are extremely fed.


I hope this post explained some things and answered some questions about when to build what. Having an adaptive plan for item builds is key in getting the most out of Zyra. Identify the best plan, get the appropriate item build, and modify your in-game playstyle accordingly and you will notice a significant improvement to your effectiveness. You can find me on Twitch, Twitter, or visit the Zyramains subreddit if you have any questions, or just ask me below! Thanks for reading and may your enemies feel the thorns’ embrace.

Theorycrafting Zyra damage

Here’s the text version of my video on optimizing Zyra’s damage. We’ll start with some links, a TLDR, and then the main course.

Video | Spreadsheet | Twitch | Twitter


Solid theorycrafted builds:

All-in: GLP/proto, sorcs, void, liandry’s, dcap <-> Rylai’s
Poke: Liandry’s, void, sorcs, luden’s, Rylai’s, dcap (delay void if getting close to true damage)
Scared against AP: GLP/proto <-> abyssal, sorcs, void, liandry’s, dcap
Scared against AD: GLP/proto <-> Zhonya’s, sorcs, void, liandry’s, dcap

Theorycrafted ideas:

1. Luden’s is for poke, not for burst. Get proto/glp or penetration for burst.
2. Don’t get Rylai’s until after Liandry’s unless you REAAAAALLY need it.
3. Remember to build both HP and resistances if you are nervous about dying.
4. Hextech items are some of the best (combined with penetration) for burst damage.
5. Deathcap is great for burst, not so great for poke.
6. Liandry’s is really really great for poke. Good for burst too, even excellent if they’re building health.
7. For damage, as long as you aren’t doing true damage, get void staff as your second item unless you need HP, in which case get it right after.

Deathfire touch versus Thunderlord’s decree

Don’t get DFT on Zyra unless you really value late game teamfighting. TLD burst is better at basically every stage of the game..


Run full magic penetration (20 mPen) whenever possible. I still go MR glyphs and armor quints when against tough AP and AD matchups, respectively.

The main post

How the calculator works

We’ll start by talking about the calculator itself and providing some warnings. The most important thing to be aware of when dealing with spreadsheets like this is what it does and DOES NOT say. This spreadsheet will tell us how to maximize certain aspects of our damage with the minimum cost. It does NOT consider CDR, mana regen, defensive stats, utility, or really anything else. It is then up to the individual to decide whether or not a certain item is worth it.
As for the formulas themselves, they involve levels, skill orders, runes, masteries, enemy stats, items, and combat details such as the number of skills used and the duration of the fight. As an output we have everything in the messy sheet below, but also a small selection of topics of interested in a formatted box, such as damage from individual skills and items, AP, CDR, and damage numbers. The two most interesting things here are total damage and extra damage per gold spent. Total damage is self-explanatory. Extra damage per gold spent compares the damage we would deal with 0 items with the damage we deal with the selected items, looks at the difference and uses the cost of the items to find out how much damage we’re getting for the gold we’re spending. The number itself is not interesting, rather how it changes with different builds. The final thing to note is that these formulas are about optimizing damage. Optimizing damage is nowhere near as important as positioning, CSing, target priotization, game sense, etc… The best way to improve at League of Legends is focusing on what I just mentioned, not to theorycraft small builds Still, this is something that can help and is quite fun, so here we are!
If you want to use this calculator yourself, find the link below the video and follow the instructions on the right hand side. Furthermore, this spreadsheet can be useful for other mages as well, with only small adjustments necessary in the “skills” section.

Notes on Liandry’s

Before we go into item builds, I want to quickly remark on Liandry’s, as it is the only calculation that I did not automatically total for the damage section, though I do note the amount of damage one proc would do against a full health target, which can be separately considered and weighed as to ascertain the value of the item.

Optimal first item

For poke

Now for item builds. This will be primarily for solo lane Zyra, but I’ll make remarks on support Zyra at the end. We’re going to look at both poke damage and all-in damage at 3 stages of the game: 1st item, 2nd item, and 6 items. We begin by looking at one-item poke, a standard QW+Auto combo. This procs Thunderlord’s decree, forces plants to auto (so they will likely hit attack twice though we’ll assume here they only hit once, with the goal being to not overestimate the survival of plants). You can see here that, as expected, Liandry’s and Luden’s are the best for poke, as they have passives specifically tailored to excel at it. Next, again as expected, are penetration items. Finally, some other items are shown to trail behind, though these are made for sustain or burst, so it is natural that they don’t excel at poke. If you want poke, rush Liandry’s or Luden’s, where one gives more health and the other gives more movement speed.

For all in

For an all-in scenario, we assume the same stats but this time an EWRQW combo with 3 auto attacks, two enraged plants, and each plant attacking twice. Again, we see that even without the tick from Liandry’s, it gives about as much damage as Luden’s. The top items here are penetration and burst active items. You can value health and MR as you wish as well as how much you value all-in and poke, but the data suggests that the best first item for Zyra is Liandry’s, even if they aren’t stacking health. Luden’s and void staff (especially if your opponent is rushing MR) are excellent, and GLP, Abyssal, and Protobelt are all solid if you want mana, MR, and mobility respectively.

Optimal second item

We now consider two items, so let’s say level 13, 1500 HP, 57 MR (enemy team likely has a locket by now), and 53 armor.

For poke

Also, it is much less likely we can QW+Auto an opponent, so we’ll just assume for the poke calculation that we’re spawning max range plants that attack twice. Last section we showed luden’s and liandry’s are best for poke so it should come as no surprise that combining them is the most poke you can get with two items. Other very strong combinations are Liandry’s with void or Rylai’s (remembering that slows double’s liandry’s passive). If you rush luden’s, though, Rylai’s second becomes much worse.

For all in

For an all-in, we assume the same stats with a EWRQW+AA combo. This very strongly suggests that you should get void staff as your second item whenever possible (unless you’re already doing true damage). GLP gives great burst damage if you can get it in your combo and Liandry’s is amazing even in a burst situation. Don’t go Rylai’s unless you already have Liandry’s. Looking at the recommended first items, I suggest the following two items for pure damage. Liandry’s into void, Luden’s into void, void into liandry’s, GLP into void, abyssal into GLP or Liandry’s or void, Protobelt into void (I think I’m repeating myself a bit much).

Optimal 6 items

For poke

Once you get to 6 items, most of the time you’re only getting one plant attack off for your poke and almost everyone on the enemy team will have at least one defensive item. We assume level 18, 2500 HP, 100 armor, 100 MR for our target. For poke, we combine the super poke trinity of Liandry’s luden’s Rylai’s with the full damage trinity of sorcs void and deathcap to maximize poke. You can sub out deathcap for a defensive or utility item and not lose very much poke damage. The main thing to have to maximize poke is Rylai’s Liandry’s and Luden’s.

For all in

To max your all in burst damage, you will always want deathcap, liandry’s, void, and a hextech item, leaving your last slot for a defensive item such as abyssal or zhonya’s or a poke item such as Rylai’s or luden’s.

Some example builds

Ideal build 1, all-in: GLP/proto, sorcs, void, liandry’s, dcap <-> Rylai’s
Ideal build 2, poke: Liandry’s, void, sorcs, luden’s, Rylai’s, dcap (delay void if getting close to true damage)
Scared against AP: GLP/proto <-> abyssal, sorcs, void, liandry’s, dcap
Scared against AD: GLP/proto <-> Zhonya’s, sorcs, void, liandry’s, dcap

Important ideas, conclusions.

1. Luden’s is for poke, not for burst. Get proto/glp or penetration for burst.
2. Don’t get Rylai’s until after Liandry’s unless you REAAAAALLY need it.
3. Remember to build both HP and resistances if you are nervous about dying.
4. Hextech items are some of the best (combined with penetration) for burst damage.
5. Deathcap is great for burst, not so great for poke.
6. Liandry’s is really really great for poke. Good for burst too, even excellent if they’re building health.
7. For damage, as long as you aren’t doing true damage, get void staff as your second item unless you need HP, in which case get it right after.

Support Zyra

As for support Zyra, I think all of this data cements the already common build of Liandry’s into Rylai’s. You can rush Rylai’s if you really value the utility but I think Liandry’s first is much better in almost every situation. For your next item rush void staff for damage or Luden’s for poke, and close the build with the other, OR a situational item like Banner or Zhonya’s if you feel you don’t need more damage. Of course this 4 item build assumes you’re building Eye of the Watchers. Recently, ruby sightstone has been buffed, but as I don’t recommend building many active items on Zyra, I don’t think it’s worth it in a standard game.


OK, we finally come to runes. Runes have a much much smaller effect than items, but the short answer is that you want to run magic penetration marks, glyphs, and quints whenever possible. I still take MR glyphs and armor quints against tough AP and AD matchups, respectively, but if you aren’t in danger of dying before 1-2 items, go for the magic penetration. Hybrid penetration isn’t awful, but it’s about the same in the early game with auto attacks and it is a fair bit worse as the game progresses, so I don’t use them. Finally, magic penetration glyphs even scale better than scaling AP glyphs in the late game, so they aren’t very worth it, though running scaling CDR glyphs is solid if you want CDR and don’t have it in your build.


OK, a QW+AA combo is almost perfectly 2 seconds long, so DFT will be active for 4 seconds. At level 3 with a doran’s ring, TLD does 26 damage, DFT does 12. If we had 140 AP (Morellos and an amp tome), they would deal the same amount. Of course you WOULDN’T have those items at level 3. You would have those items at level 9, but Thunderlord’s scales on level and DFT doesn’t, so if you had those items at level 9, TLD does 88 damage and DFT does 39. Get the idea? I double checked my calculator’s authenticity with a video of it in action and almost everything everything is identical (with the exception of my calculator being off by 3 in plant damage). TLDR go Thunderlord’s on Zyra unless you really value late game teamfighting.


OK, so that’s pretty much it. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. You can ask them here, on my Twitter, or on my stream. I hope you enjoyed it and may your enemies feel the thorns’ embrace.

Review – 5th 24 hour stream recap (Save the Children, $1000 raised!)

What is that title, Melyn? Oh yes, it’s true. Together we raised $1000 for charity. A HUGE shout out to everyone involved! Whether you were the person who donated $250 (!!!) or the sat there and helped keep me awake, I am incredibly grateful. Here I’ll talk a bit about the stream, give some stats, and provide highlights. You can also check out the video version of this post on my YouTube.


We raised $1000 for Save the Children! My original goal was $600 (around what we raised for the last one) but when that was obtained at 13 hours into the stream, I decided to raise the bar to $1000. We had a skin giveaway at $600 and another at $1000 (congrats to alureya and FixYourSelfie) with smaller milestones being $200 songrequest for 3 hours (which went well even with 200 viewers) and $400 the Zyra cosplay that I used for at least 6 hours.

As for elo, I went 7-3 in placements, got put in silver 1, skipped gold 4 and 2 (not even doing promos in gold) and finished in my plat promos, with high plat MMR (last game was against Plat 2s and a diamond 5). I played 35 games in total, going 26-6 on Zyra, 1-1 on Annie, and 0-1 on Nunu (FeelsBadMan).

We averaged 150-250 viewers for almost the entire stream! This is an insane number and it’s due in large part to Reddit’s generosity in their reception (front page, mom!).


We hit our peak at 3 PM PDT with 281 viewers, which is crazy due to me usually averaging 30-40.

viewer stats

I also gained 308 new followers (about a 9% increase to my channel) and made a lot of new friends. Finally, Twitch tells me that there were 5460 UNIQUE visitors to the stream during the 24 hours.


There were definitely a lot of highs and lows to the stream, most notably the first 2 games having Zyra banned (and Nunu support is not as good as it sounds!), the pizza stream, epic highlights in-game, CALCULUS LESSONS, the WTF walrus (???), and me finishing the last 10 minutes by failing at SM64

Want more?

Check out my video highlight recap or go to my stream highlights YouTube channel for the full clips.