24 hour stream, viewer rewards raffle

Hey everyone! I’m always thinking of new ways to expand the stream and thank people for their support. We’ve come a long way (and are going to keep making progress!) and a lot of you have been here for a long time. I can’t adequately thank everyone individually, but I am going to do another viewer rewards raffle for my 24 hour stream on Sunday, March 20 from 10 AM – 10 AM PST.

TLDR: A random active viewer will be awarded a raffle ticket after every streamed game. You can have multiple tickets. At the end of my 24hr stream, I will draw a random raffle ticket and the winner will receive a skin of their choice (up to 1380 RP, see details).

To obtain a raffle ticket: at the end of each game, I will award a raffle ticket using Nightbot’s giveaway feature. Note: you must be an active user (defined as having used chat in the last 10 minutes). Easiest way to do this is tell me GG! I will keep track of the winners on stream as well as off. It is possible to have multiple tickets, so this benefits everyone who is hanging out at the stream. You can win with only one ticket, but your chances of winning increase by obtaining multiple.

The winner: at the end of streaming (Monday at 10 AM PST), I will assign each raffle ticket a number and pick the winning number using a random number generator (specifically https://www.random.org/). You do NOT need to be present to win. I will contact you via Twitch message to claim your prize.

Who is eligible? Users in one of the following regions: Brazil, EUW, EUNE, NA, LAS, LAN, Oceania, Russia, and Turkey. The prize will be a requested skin (under 1380 RP). The winner must respond to a message from Melyn on Twitch to provide the server and IGN of the intended recipient. Please allow for 48 hours to receive your prize.


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