Review: 4th 24 hour stream (CRI) – Stats, highlights, and more!

The generosity of my viewers is actually mind blowing, so THANK YOU to each of you who participated in any way, whether you donated $100, $1, or kept me company during any portion of the stream. You make a difference. I’m making this post in case you want to know more about what happened, the fun times we had, or some fun numbers.

Together we raised over $600 for the Cancer Research Institute!


Viewers could donate in a variety of ways, so it’s hard to put an exact number, but $581.53 was donated through the stream and I know of at $60 (likely much more) donated directly to CRI. This is a pretty incredible number for a stream of my size so again a huge congratulations and thank you to all. Donations were made separately (and this is one of the reasons the donation bar wasn’t always totally accurate) because the donations made in Euros were pending, making me manually accept them with a small fee that I paid to ensure that 100% of your donation would into the hands of the charity. Donations ranged from $1 to $101 dollars (that darned Singed game…).

Some stats

We averaged 75 viewers for the beginning of the stream until MSI ended, where we averaged 100. The maximum number was 116 viewers.



I also gained 105 new followers! Just wait until they find out what other kinds of pizzas I can make. :^)

Some highlights

To see all of my stream highlights, check out my secondary YouTube channel. Some of the best highlights include Zyra APC bot in Diamond 1 (we won both!), the $101 donation incentive to play Singed (feed lane, win game, a la Sirhcez), and the Gates Zyra top TP engage (OP!). If you want to see a specific game, check out the timestamps below. Note that some have muted portions due to Twitch copyright concerns and may also be blocked in certain countries due to YouTube copyright.

  1. Zyra support loss vs. Morgana Cait
  2. Zyra mid loss vs. Morgana
  3. Zyra top win vs. Singed
  4. Zyra mid win vs. Viktor
  5. Zyra APC BOT win versus Janna Sivir
  6. Zyra jungle win 
  7. Zyra support win vs. Vayne Nami
  8. Zyra support win vs. Karma Cait
  9. Zyra support loss vs. Ezreal Bard
  10. Zyra jungle win 
  11. Zyra top win vs. afk Yasuo
  12. Zyra jungle loss
  13. Zyra support loss vs. Lucian Bard (with Teemo ADC?…)
  14. Zyra support win vs. Ezreal Thresh
  15. Zyra top win vs. Ekko 
  16. Zyra support win vs. Janna Cait
  17. SINGED top win vs. Yasuo (incentive)
  18. Zyra support loss vs. Lucian Bard
  19. Zyra support win vs. Ezreal Bard
  20. Zyra support win vs. Janna Lucian
  21. Zyra support loss vs. Ezreal Vel’koz
  23. Zyra APC BOT win vs. Karma Corki
  24. Zyra support loss vs. Alistar Ashe
  25. Zyra support loss vs. Blitz Ezreal
  26. Zyra support win vs. Janna Tristana
  27. Zyra support loss vs. Lucian Karma (with Pobelter and WildTurtle)
  28. Zyra support win vs. Sivir Alistar
  29. BLITZCRANK support win vs. Lucian Janna (Zyra picked)
  30. Viewer games (Ascension, NA ARAM, and EUW ARAM)

With win rates as follows:

  • 28 Total (18W, 10L)
  • 17 support (9W, 8L)
  • 4 top (4W, 0L)
  • 3 jungle (2W, 1L)
  • 2 mid (1W, 1W)
  • 2 APC bot (2W, 0L)

Final note about donations

I struggled a long time trying to come up with a fun way to do donations with them showing up on stream. I don’t like being an intermediary for donations but it was the method with the most visibility and the least fees. Here’s one final picture of my PayPal account history if anyone has doubts.


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  1. Posted by H E on May 18, 2016 at 02:49

    Hi, unfortunately all of the vids here give an error on YT that: “This video has been removed because it is too long.”, thanks for your efforts to bring Zyra-knowledge to the masses. 🙂 Cheers!


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