Review – 5th 24 hour stream recap (Save the Children, $1000 raised!)

What is that title, Melyn? Oh yes, it’s true. Together we raised $1000 for charity. A HUGE shout out to everyone involved! Whether you were the person who donated $250 (!!!) or the sat there and helped keep me awake, I am incredibly grateful. Here I’ll talk a bit about the stream, give some stats, and provide highlights. You can also check out the video version of this post on my YouTube.


We raised $1000 for Save the Children! My original goal was $600 (around what we raised for the last one) but when that was obtained at 13 hours into the stream, I decided to raise the bar to $1000. We had a skin giveaway at $600 and another at $1000 (congrats to alureya and FixYourSelfie) with smaller milestones being $200 songrequest for 3 hours (which went well even with 200 viewers) and $400 the Zyra cosplay that I used for at least 6 hours.

As for elo, I went 7-3 in placements, got put in silver 1, skipped gold 4 and 2 (not even doing promos in gold) and finished in my plat promos, with high plat MMR (last game was against Plat 2s and a diamond 5). I played 35 games in total, going 26-6 on Zyra, 1-1 on Annie, and 0-1 on Nunu (FeelsBadMan).

We averaged 150-250 viewers for almost the entire stream! This is an insane number and it’s due in large part to Reddit’s generosity in their reception (front page, mom!).


We hit our peak at 3 PM PDT with 281 viewers, which is crazy due to me usually averaging 30-40.

viewer stats

I also gained 308 new followers (about a 9% increase to my channel) and made a lot of new friends. Finally, Twitch tells me that there were 5460 UNIQUE visitors to the stream during the 24 hours.


There were definitely a lot of highs and lows to the stream, most notably the first 2 games having Zyra banned (and Nunu support is not as good as it sounds!), the pizza stream, epic highlights in-game, CALCULUS LESSONS, the WTF walrus (???), and me finishing the last 10 minutes by failing at SM64

Want more?

Check out my video highlight recap or go to my stream highlights YouTube channel for the full clips.


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  1. […] though so I’ll be reading them myself out loud between games. For my last charity stream, we raised $1000 for Save the Children! My goal is to beat that record […]


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