Some outdated MapleStory calculators

Chaos Damage Calculator

Here’s an updated version of my damage calculator, including the changes to Ultimate Strafe and Snipe. However, note that I do not include FA or MB in my calculations, and assume that standard builds have been followed for jobs 1-3. This calculator is meant to calculate relative damage increases for dex, attack, and skill increases.


Snipe hits 4 * 900% with 100% critical

Ultimate Strafe hits 6 * 225%

This is a new version. Please comment with criticism/inaccuracies.

Download it here,


Equip Enhance Calculator

I had a lot written about this, but it got deleted. To shorten it up, I’ll say the following: this calculator tells you whether to use (1) Normal EE without ward, (2) EE with ward, (3) AEE without ward, or (4) AEE with ward based on NX ratio, cost of item, cost of EE’s, and cost of AEE’s.

Download it here! Equip Enhance Calculator




Pierce  versus Wind Piercing Calculator

This calculator shows when pierce is better than WP on 3, 4, 5, or 6 guys at when pierce is level 1-30, and tells you explicitly in fun fashion!

Download it here! Pierce vs WP Calculator


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